The benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet are becoming more and more widely studied and understood in the health/fitness and scientific world.  I’m sure you’ve been in the line at a grocery store and saw some health magazine talking ab out coconut oil being a “super food”. Or maybe you have that one friend that is really into fitness who mentioned some of the benefits of eating this amazing food on a regular basis.  I had only heard a few brief reasons why it you should incorporate coconut oil into your diet, until I started writing this article.  It turns out, there is a whole heap of health benefits that eating coconut oil can do for you.  I will let you know briefly about some of the many ways that this amazing super food can improve your life, your health, and your future.

                Research has shown that coconut oil is comprised mainly of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA’s), which is the ingredient that makes coconut oil so beneficial.  According the Dr. Axe, a renowned physiologist, studies concur that MCFA’s are much easier for the body to metabolize.  Actually, there is only a three-step process to break down MCFA’s, compared with a 26-step process for other fats!  This makes these fatty-acids much easier for the body to digest and to use as fuel.  Also, MCFA’s are processed in the liver, which converts them into energy instead of storing as body fat like longer chain fatty acids.  Whatever is not used as an immediate source of energy is converted into what are called ketones.  Ketones provide certain powerful benefits to brain functions, according to, and are being researched currently to determine whether ketones can be used to fight Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and other ailments.  With Alzheimer’s disease, the brain loses its’ ability to create insulin. Ketones are used by the brain as a source of energy without the brain having to make insulin, which is why it is proven to help with Alzheimer’s.   These are a few of the life changing improvements that eating coconut oil could give to you.

                On top of all of these incredible benefits, this super food does much more in terms of medicinal or healing properties.  Coconut oil can also be used to help prevent and even treat cancer.  As I’ve mentioned already, the digestion of MCFA’s produces ketones.  Well, it has been found that ketones may not be accessed by the tumor cells (which may be dependent on glucose) as a source of energy.  As a result, scientists agree that a “ketogenic diet” could help prevent the cancer from growing and may even help to destroy it.  Coconut oil also acts as a sort of antibacterial, antifungal, and antivirus protection.  Studies have found that the MCFA’s have a way of disrupting the lipid walls of bacteria thereby exterminating them.  This simple property has many benefits attached.  For example, it will help you cure Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s), reduce ulcers and Ulcerative Colitis, improve digestion, and boost your immune system.  This sterilizing effect does wonders for the skin as well. It can be used as a skin cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and also heals minor burns.  It can be used as treatment for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and even dandruff.  The list of benefits is already getting long, and we’ve only just begun. Although there are MANY more benefits that this oil has to offer, and although I could go on forever, I will only list a handful more on this page. 

Aside from all of the curative and preventative properties against different diseases, coconut oil is astonishing when it comes to one more area of health: physical fitness.  There are so many people today who are becoming more conscious about their health, their physical activity, and the things they eat every day.  Many people just want to fit in those jeans from high school, or have those chiseled abs, or look great this summer in their swimsuit.  Coconut oil can help you do these things on different levels.  For one, MCFA’s are easily and more quickly digested and used as energy.  Also, it does not get stored as belly fat, which will help you shed some of the extras.  For two, coconut oil has been shown to increase sustained energy and endurance.  Many athletes use coconut oil as a source of fuel for training and marathons.  For three, coconut oil has been known to increase your metabolism, or, the total amount of calories that you burn in a day.  Workout enthusiasts know that the more calories you can burn in a day, the easier it is to shed unwanted pounds.  All of these attributes can only mean one thing, coconut oil is a must for fitness enthusiasts.

As I have said before, this list of benefits to be gained from adding coconut oil into your diet is immense to say the least.  This short page is designed to make you aware that coconut oil IS a super food, and that when incorporated into your daily health regimen you can get some excellent results.  If you are interested in learning more about the different health benefits that coconut has to offer, there is a great amount of information on that I recommend which he has listed numerous references.  But if you are already convinced, pick yourself up some Mama Mera’s Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil, made from the finest extra virgin organic coconut oil.